Free Tarot Reading

The ways of fate are unfathomable, it is said so well. The tarot daily card free offers you the opportunity to catch a glimpse into your future. The Tarot is an ancient means of future interpretation, whose roots go far back into the Middle Ages.

Even then, people wondered what love still planned for you and put the cards to find answers. Dare to take a look behind the curtain and test the daily tarot for free. Let the cards speak and find out what fate still has in store for you and how it stands around your personal future.

Daily tarot free online: How does it work?

In the past, to get your cards read, you had to go in search of a spiritual advisor. Today, this can be done online without research and ways. You wonder how this is possible?

With a team of spiritual experts, a sophisticated system has been developed that brings the ancient cultural technique of fortune telling into the 21st century. The Tarot Day Card Free draws on the years of experience and extensive knowledge of our experts. It was they who made this methodology possible in the first place and made it so accurate.

So, behind the Tarot Day Card Free are real people who have made it their mission to make the Tarot accessible to everyone. When developing it, the experts’ main goal was to make the Tarot Day Card Free as close as possible to the Tarot you probably already know. It is very similar in structure, and special attention was paid to the loving design of the cards.

So if you want to draw the tarot card of the day for free and ask what the future holds, it will feel just like in real life. In fact, day tarot free will also be just as reliable as when you have cards pulled by a professional fortune teller. So give it a try and trust in the power of the Tarot.

Tarot daily card for different zodiac signs

If you want to venture a glimpse into the future, there are several ways to do so. On the one hand, there is the tarot day card free of charge, which regularly tells you what the day holds in store for you and what challenges or opportunities might open up for you between sunrise and sunset.

To get an even more accurate interpretation tailored to you, you can also opt for your zodiac sign’s day cards, which is specifically tailored to a particular sign of the zodiac. Both ways will lead you to an insightful analysis, the tarot card of the day for your zodiac sign is also free.


Aries is fierce and idealistic by nature, so he can assert himself well and usually knows very well what he wants. The Tarot card of the day free for Aries is intended for people who combine the main characteristics of Aries: power, authority and strength.

It should help him to keep and develop his stable foundation. On the other hand, the daily tarot free of charge is supposed to support the Aries in actually achieving his ambitious goals. You should not stand in the way of Aries, because sooner or later he will clear obstacles out of the way.


The zodiac sign Taurus combines in itself strength and knowledge. The Tarot card of the day free of charge supports the Taurus on his way to education and wisdom, because the Taurus strives for higher things.

At the same time, he is driven by the domination of matter and emotional, he wants to dominate – and he can. In addition, as an earth sign, Taurus is particularly sensually inclined.

He enjoys celebrating the good things in life, which he can afford, because he is also success-oriented and knows exactly about his own value. The Taurus knows his way and goes it with patience and foresight – come what may.


The Gemini is above all duality, the opposite of two poles. Therein lies its special power. The tarot card of the day free of charge wants to help the Gemini to raise his potential or to discover it further.

Because often the air sign Gemini was said to have two faces. On the one hand, one of the Gemini is lively, curious and quick. On the other hand, the second Gemini is moody and unpredictable.

The potential of Gemini lies in the balance of its two poles. With the Day Tarot free of charge, the Gemini may be able to find his inner center and finally use his energy to the fullest.


You would like to have Cancer at home, because he is a wonderful partner. Emotional, domestic, sensitive, he goes into relationships and appreciates the coziness. His four walls are everything to Cancer and he would hate to leave them.

Therefore, the tarot daily card free of charge wants to help Cancer to stop hiding. After all, Cancer should no longer withhold himself from the world. If he is brave and feels strong, he can prove how much he has in him.

With the help of the daily tarot free of charge, he can leave his shell and make long-cherished wishes finally become reality. It is never too late.


The Leo is not the king of the animal kingdom for nothing. The Leo is energetic and self-confident. With this mindset, the Leo faces all the problems of life and is up to them all.

The tarot card of the day free of charge supports the Leo to find his courage again, if he should lose it after all, and to keep his adaptability. Because the Leo knows how to behave in any situation.

If he sometimes does not know, he can rely on the day tarot free and his daily card will tell him how he can find back to his original strength even then.


Virgo is very diligent and actually always working. At the same time she is always there for others, caring and reliable for her loved ones. Sometimes she forgets about herself and her own interests.

The Tarot card of the day for free can sometimes remind her to put herself in the foreground again and not to always look at the others. Looking at herself could help her discover her inner potential.

After all, Virgo is the zodiac sign of spiritual insight and self-knowledge at the same time. The daily tarot free of charge can help her to listen to her inner voice again.


Libra is the symbol bad for the balance and equilibrium. That is why it is important for Libra to create a harmonious environment. She always promotes compromise, settling a dispute and finding solutions.

Nothing is as much hated by her as conflicts. Libra is under the sign of justice, in this task the tarot day card free wants to accompany her. At the same time, the day tarot free can help her to master the biggest challenge: to balance career and love. Also here applies to the Libra, as in all areas of life, that a little selfishness is also not always out of place.


The scorpion is not only a dangerous animal, because he knows that no one dares to stand in his way, he is also a very fearless animal. You can’t scare the scorpion. Although this may seem contradictory at first, the Scorpio is also a water sign.

Therefore, he is not only incredibly versatile, but also passionate and energetic. Moreover, he has the talent to always see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is what the tarot day card free can sometimes remind him of and help him become more the version of himself that he really wants to be.


How can you not like the sagittarius? He is always good company. Optimistic, open-minded and infectious as he is, he quickly makes friends and often has a large circle of friends. Sagittarius is often on the move and sometimes loses the stable base, which he desperately needs.

The tarot card of the day free of charge should help him not to lose it or to find it again. So he can concentrate again on the things that are really close to his heart and the tarot day card can give him the important impulses for this. For example, he could learn a new language or travel?


Despite its horns and stubbornness, the Capricorn is not a mean or vicious animal. On the contrary, the Capricorn’s disposition is rather reserved. As an earth sign, he is very down to earth and rather shy.

The tarot card of the day for free can help him to come out of himself more and also take a risk sometimes. Sometimes it can help to go overboard and leave the comfort zone.

Even if this is difficult for Capricorn, he should always try. Why not let the tarot daily card remind you of this every now and then, free of charge? And why not pleasure first, then work?


Aquarius has many great qualities, the Tarot Daily Card can help him discover or properly live out all his great qualities for free. Aquarius is unconventional, free and modern.

The fact that he usually has his head above the clouds gives him the freedom to do so, but sometimes he also needs a little more ground under his feet, the Tarot Day Card can remind him of that from time to time. So he can devote himself completely to his creativity and free spirit.


Two qualities characterize the Pisces: they are very emotional and sensitive. With the Tarot card of the day free of charge, they can trust their intuition and creativity. Because emotionality is not a weakness, but a great strength.

Pisces should always keep this in mind. Especially when it comes to personal environment, it is the emotional and empathetic side of Pisces that always makes them a good friend. Find your inner strength and believe in yourself. The free daily tarot can support you in this.

What questions can you ask the daily tarot?

Each free tarot is as unique as the person for whom they are laid. The answers can seem confusing at first, but with our guide to interpretation, the meaning will quickly become clear.

In doing so, you should not look at the tarot as a guide, but understand what clues it is trying to give you. Often the answer is already within you and you just haven’t been able to see it until now. By following the advice of the Tarot, you can change your perspective and open up to your destiny. Who knows what the cards have in store for you.

Day Tarot works best for free if you follow these rules.

  1. Ask simple W questions
  2. Formulate your question as simply as possible
  3. Completely unambiguous answers require expertise; you should seek advice on this.

What questions should you not ask?

The daily tarot free of charge is supposed to give you an orientation about where you stand and what is coming up in the near future. What it can not do is to give precise information, such as dates, times or names.

Therefore, you should not ask it about the day of a certain event or about the person you might meet soon. The tarot is not a step-by-step guide to life, but should give you important impulses and suggestions.

In addition, you should never consult the daily tarot free of charge for medical questions. For questions of this kind you should always seek the expert advice of a doctor. The free daily tarot can never replace this.

These cards have the most meaning in the daily tarot

Each card in the Tarot is unique and has an individual meaning. We will explain some of them below so that you can interpret and understand daily cards. Try to get involved in the interpretation and decipher the clue for your life. We can also warmly recommend the Tarot monthly card!

The lovers

The card of the lovers stands for the decision of the heart. Whoever draws it should again think more about his inner voice. It stands for the commitment to the existing relationship, the great love and the overcoming of opposites. Follow your heart, it will lead you where your energy pulls you. Trust and let go. If love interests you even further, you can also have a look at our love tarot!

The star

Happy days are in store for you. In the next few days you can relax completely. Everything will come to you, perhaps a long-cherished hope will come true? If you have been planning something for a long time, but you were not sure whether you could realize it, you should take action now. At the moment, every one of your plans is under a good star.

Wheel of fate

You have big changes coming up, prepare for them in the best possible way. Gather strength, because it could be your life’s work. You will have to overcome your great fears and perhaps false hopes for it. But if you manage this task, you will emerge stronger and possibly as a new person. Stay of good cheer!

The devil

The devil stands for the bad side in us, for everything we are ashamed of, but which also belongs to us. This side often comes to light, especially in dicey situations. These bad qualities could include jealousy and dishonesty, but also envy and selfishness. You can only overcome this side of yourself if you recognize it and deal with it. Nobody is perfect!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Again and again we receive letters with questions about the Day Tarot free of charge, the most frequently asked questions, we want to answer here briefly. Probably you will find the question that you have asked yourself or you will learn more interesting facts.

How to draw a tarot card of the day?

First you should formulate your question, read about it what we have written in the notes to the questions above. In the second step you have the cards shuffled by the daily tarot free of charge ( From the cards you then have to choose one. For this, it is best to use your left hand, because this is the best way to channel your spiritual energy. It is important that not only the card counts, but also its position and in which order you draw it.

Tarot card of the day how to lay?

Try to focus very carefully on the cards and then choose. Only from the overall picture will the answer to your question emerge. If the answer doesn’t reveal itself to you right away, try to think of the answer differently or see other ways of interpreting it. A change of perspective can make some things appear in a completely different light. Don’t be afraid to let your world be turned upside down sometimes.

What does “Tarot Day Card” mean?

The tarot card of the day free of charge is intended to give you hints for the course of your day and how you can influence it positively. Let yourself be guided by the card’s energy and try to be attentive to what advice the card wants to give you for that day. You may be surprised.

Can you lay a tarot day card for the future?

Of course, this is possible – and not only for today. A card is valid only for one day, but you can also draw a tarot day card tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for free. In addition, you can also secure spiritual guidance for a week or even a year. Because there is both a tarot weekly card and a tarot annual card that can accompany you through everyday life. Decide for yourself what suits you best. One thing is certain, you will never again have to do without spiritual guidance.